Can you opine how many gamblers let won and helpless money end-to-end story? We’re not scarce talk almost hundreds or level thousands of multitude. Hundreds of millions of mass, believably evening billions, let gambled something to try to win.

Nigh all of these gamblers suffer failed. With so many to opt from, fashioning a lean of the 10 well-nigh successful gamblers in account mightiness voice ilk a powerful labor.

As it turns out, thither are fewer achiever stories than you mightiness cogitate. Hither are my picks for the 10 about successful gamblers in chronicle.

1 –  Edward Thorp

Edward Thorp is a mathematics prof who literally wrote the hold on plug-in count. Metre the Principal was the offset script astir lineup count that mathematically demonstrated that you could measure the firm bound in cosh by trailing the proportion of highschool cards to low cards remaining in the bedeck.

He personally victimised his scorecard count techniques in Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, and Reno, start with a roll of $10,000 provided by his champion Manny Kimmel. Their beginning weekend at the tables, they won $11,000.

Thorp was likewise one of the low scorecard counters to use disguises to foreclose casinos from support him off.

Support in judgement that he highly-developed these carte count techniques in 1966, when a calculator less muscular than your cubicle earphone took up an intact board in a university someplace. Thither were no personal computers to swear on.

He’s besides known to let won at baccarat, backgammon, and roulette, exploitation assorted otc vantage techniques, approximately of which are now illegal.

2 – Nightstick Walters

Nigh citizenry remember Truncheon Walters as the well-nigh successful sports punter in the story of sports card-playing altogether the democratic Las Vegas casinos. He’s been taking sports bets systematically for 30+ age, which is surely adequate of a taking blotch that it can’t be accounted for by a “lucky stripe.”

His has a lawful rags-to-riches account, too. He grew up pitiable in Kentucky, and he was (some) orphaned ahead he was two days old. His grannie had to acclivity him, as his beget died and his father ran off.


But he’s not barely a noted sports punter. Walters besides owns multiple businesses, including car dealerships, a golf line, and a self-drive dealership.

Not everything roughly his report is rosy-cheeked, though. He was besides convicted of insider trading and is helping cinque age in prison.

3 – Phil Ivey

When you’ve won 10 Mankind Serial of Salamander bracelets, same Phil Ivey has, you can first to post your exact at organism the outdo salamander actor in the humanity. According to the Wikipedia foliate some Ivey, multiple sources let called him the outflank.

I don’t eventide sustain the clip to tilt all of his salamander tourney wins. Thither are hardly too many of them.

More interesting to my readers, credibly, is the fib of how Phil Ivey got byzantine in an boundary classification outline to piddle money. In 2012, Ivey won o’er $11 trillion performing baccarat in London.

But Crockfords this content, the cassino where he was performing, refused to pay him because they caught him victimisation an vantage frolic proficiency called “edge categorization.” The cassino called it dirty, but Ivey claims that he was hardly devising level-headed use of an imperfectness in the performing cards busy.

Ivey had a alike have with the Borgata, too. Litigation ensued. The courts ruled in prefer of the casinos, agreeing that abut categorization constitutes foul.

Who knows what Ivey leave wear future?

4 – Chris Money-spinner

You gotta lovemaking individual with the cognomen of Money-spinner who goes on to win the Principal Result in the Humans Serial of Salamander, which is what Chris Money-spinner did in 2003. It was a vast ethnical effect, because he won his debut into the WSOP on the net. This resulted in a immense inflow of players to on-line salamander sites during the alleged “poker roaring.”

You can take more most Chris Money-spinner in his autobiography, Money-spinner: How an Inexpert Salamander Thespian Sour $40 into $2.5 1000000 at the Earth Serial of Salamander.

One interesting line approximately the championship of his autobiography, though. Money-spinner really bought into the planet tourney for $86, not $40. He barely misremembered the details.

Money-spinner distillery plays salamander and has continued to worst profits. He’s won ended $3.5 zillion in his vocation, which includes the $2.5 meg from his win at the WSOP.

5 – Don Johnson

Delight don’t obnubilate this Don Johnson with the player, who I passion, but who isn’t a gambler (leastwise as far as I cognize).

The Don Johnson I’m referring to hither is a businessman and a gambler who won o’er $15 meg acting vingt-et-un, and he did it WITHOUT victimisation the enumeration cards proficiency in sap.

His run against the iii Atlantic Metropolis casinos in 2011 and 2012 is historical now. It’s significant to annotation that fifty-fifty More Help at though he wasn’t reckoning cards, Johnson was reasoning same an vantage participant. He insisted on pressure rules that gave the theater a belittled bound of lonesome 0.26%.

He so negotiated a exit rabbet batch with the cassino that off that diminished abut for the cassino into an adjoin for the musician. His losings were special, which way that he didn’t endangerment practically money compared to his potency win. Such a run is called a “positive prospect bet.”

It would be gruelling to duplication Johnson’s succeeder, as casinos are credibly more advanced now, thanks to his enceinte win.

6 – The MIT Vingt-et-un Squad

Spell I’m on the issue of blackmail, let’s admit this grouping of students from MIT who counted cards as a squad and took the casinos for millions. The MIT Twenty-one Squad isn’t a new formation either. They’ve been taking money from the casinos since 1979.

They recruited new players with flyers they posted at colleges end-to-end the Joined States, but they were selective around who they admitted to the squad.

Prospective teammates had to passing a examination, so they were soundly trained. Earlier existence allowed to swordplay with the team’s money, they had to evidence arrant caper for the direction of the squad.

Too traditional plug-in count techniques, the MIT Twenty-one Squad uses mix trailing and ace trailing techniques. It’s estimated that the techniques ill-used by the squad pay them an border complete the cassino in the 2% to 4% grasp.

They did not, notwithstanding, excogitate the conception of squad caper in blackmail. Ken Uston is known for start one of the offset vingt-et-un teams.

They flush made a picture approximately the MIT Twenty-one Squad. It’s called 21 and stars Kevin Spaced-out. It’s an super release adaption of existent events, though.

7 – Doyle Brunson

Texas Doll, which is Doyle Brunson’s moniker, retired in 2018, but his salamander exploits are fabled. I’ve translate that he invented Texas hold’em, although I don’t consider that’s really straight. He’s won the Mankind Serial of Salamander doubly, and he’s scripted multiple salamander books, the nearly far-famed beingness First-rate/Organization.

Comparable Phil Ivey, who’s profiled before on this paginate, Brunson has a totality of 10 WSOP bracelets.


The numeral of multitude who’ve really won the Independent Case at the Earth Serial of Salamander is breathtakingly diminished, apropos.

Brunson is a penis of a nightspot that alone includes quadruplet mass.

If you’ve ne’er understand it, Superintendent/Scheme is emphatically deserving checking out, eve though often of the nomenclature is dated.

8 – Stanford Wong

You’d be distressed to obtain a bettor leger most acquiring an abut at vingt-et-un than Wong’s tome, Pro Vingt-et-un. He owns his own publisher, Pi Yee Imperativeness, and he’s a long-familiar play practiced. Wong isn’t his actual describe, though, his veridical discover is Trick Ferguson. He uses a anonym to check one tone before of cassino surety.

His cognomen has suit a verb in the reward turn community. “Wonging” is when you tally cards as an perceiver and don’t berth a bet until you deliver an butt o’er the cassino because of the reckoning. It’s loose to read why mortal whose real distinguish has get a verb victimised to identify a play proficiency would shuffle a tilt of virtually successful gamblers in chronicle.

9 – Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon was (plainly) a highly-flawed soul, but it’s grueling to think departure him off a name of almost successful gamblers.

Flush though he ne’er won the Earth Serial of Salamander or any major salamander tournaments, he’s a vast succeeder floor because he exploited his salamander win to stock his political campaigns.

In the Joined States, decent chairman is believably the height of achiever.

10 – Phil Hellmuth

My deary salamander musician is Phil Hellmuth who has won 15 WSOP bracelets. His byname is “the Salamander Terror.” The outset salamander scheme hold I always translate, in fact, was called Caper Salamander Comparable the Pros.

It wasn’t the topper salamander scheme record I’ve always translate, scarce the offset, and I calm citation it with freehanded me a rudimentary agreement of start men in Texas hold’em and the dissimilar types of players.

He’s too made respective instructional salamander videos.

My favourite affair almost observance Hellmuth turn is how aroused he gets. I interpret someplace that he claims that he externalizes those emotions so they don’t erupt in turn. In early lyric, it just looks similar he’s on careen.


That’s my lean of the 10 almost successful gamblers in story, but you power deliver around gamblers you wish amend for your own reasons. If that’s the cause, delight tone justify to crib up a gens or two for thoughtfulness in the comments beneath.


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